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Are You Up-to-Date On Your SKSS Software?

As Silent Knight releases new and updated fire alarm panel versions throughout the year, the latest version of SKSS up/downloading software is required to properly communicate to the panels. To verify the version of software you have, open SKSS, click on Help above the tool bar, then select About SKSS. The About SKSS dialog box will display the current version of SKSS. The current version of SKSS is 3.64. with the latest panel version being 15.

SKSS Image

One indication that your SKSS is not updated to the latest version are Model Not Supported errors when attempting to up or download a panel. This signifies that the software cannot recognize the panel version because it is newer than what the software will support.

Another way to verify your software version is with the Translate feature. The Translate option allows configurations to be saved in a version that matches the panel version. For example, if you try downloading a version 14 file to a version 15 panel, a Model Mismatch error will occur. You can Translate the version 14 configuration to version 15 and then successfully download to the version 15 panel. If you attempt to translate from a version 14 to a version 15 and version 15 is not an option, it would indicate that your SKSS is not up to date.

To check panel versions supported, open a panel configuration, select File at the top of the page and put your mouse pointer on Translate. A number box will appear. This number box indicates the version of panels SKSS currently supports.

If you need to update your SKSS, visit our website at From the Home page, click on the Support tab and select 5660 Up/Downloading Software. Click on the Downloads tab and you will see a link to download a zip file. I find it convenient to save the zip file on your desktop where it is easy to locate and install. If SKSS is currently installed, it is recommended that you uninstall it first before installing the latest version. Ensure you backup your SKSS configuration files before uninstalling previous versions.

Have questions? Technical Support is available to help, just give them a call: 800-446-6444!


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Brian Brownell joined Silent Knight as a Technical Trainer in 2011 and has worked within the fire alarm industry for 30 years.​

SKST Adds the Internal Amplifier and More!

The Silent Knight Selection Tool (SKST) is a powerful program that allows you to build a system with any of our IntelliKnight addressable panels. This FREE tool provides job information, bill of materials, battery calculations, and datasheets.

SKST Version 1.4 comes with the following updates:

  • Reconciled all data sheet links for all devices. Some links have been updated to correct file SKST Image 2015not found errors, some links have been added to devices that had no links before.
  • Added the EVS-INT50W internal amplifier to the program for use with the 5820XL-EVS.
  • Added the System Sensor Low Frequency Sounders and Sounder/Strobes as well as Low-Frequency bases and accessories to the program.
  • Added the new ISO-6 multiple Isolator module to the program.
  • Added the EVS-100W Amplifier and EVS-100WBU backup amplifier to the program for use with the 5820XL-EVS Control Panel.
  • Added System Sensor WFDN series Waterflow Detectors to the program.

The SKST includes the following time-saving features and functions:

  • Enter and save project information
  • Select and edit parts from the catalog
  • Generate a bill of materials
  • Export your bill of materials to MS Excel and Microsoft Access
  • Determine battery size by creating battery calculations based on your configuration
  • Print groups of data sheets for submittal packages

To download the latest version (1.4) of SKST, please visit our website:

To learn about the SKST and other tools that Silent Knight has to offer, feel free to view our webinar “Add Value Not Cost: Free Services from Silent Knight”.



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Richard Conner is the Director of Marketing for the SED Channel – Fire-Lite Alarms, Silent Knight, and Honeywell Power. Richard joined Honeywell in 2002 and has over 15 years of experience in the fire alarm industry in Marketing, Engineering, and Product Support positions. Richard is responsible for developing brand strategy and marketing programs for all brands.