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Temporal 4 Notification Solutions

NFPA 720 has designated the Temporal 4 cadence output pattern for notification of carbon monoxide detection (CO) as the industry standard. In most cases, the annunciation of the Temporal 4 output is limited to the affected area and doesn’t require system wide notification. Silent Knight offers multiple solutions for Temporal 4 output: sounder bases, audio outputs and speaker tone.FireCO Temp 4 Detector Image

The B200S and B200S-LF sounder bases which, used in conjunction with the SK-FIRE-CO  detector, can provide the temporal 4 output for CO detection and the Temporal 3 output for fire detection where only localized annunciation is required. In addition, synchronization of the sounder bases for the Temporal 3 and Temporal 4 output can be accomplished through programming on the fire alarm control panel.

In applications where system wide annunciation of a CO alarm is required by the use of horns, Temp 4 Notification Imageyou must use either a 4-wire horn/strobe or horn only devices to achieve the Temporal 4 output. Currently, there are no 2-wire horn/strobes that can provide both the Temporal 4 for a CO alarm and Temporal 3 for fire alarm outputs. It is necessary to have a separate horn circuit that can be programmed to provide the Temporal 4 on CO alarms and Temporal 3 on fire alarms, while using a separate output to drive strobes utilizing the appropriate sync protocol. Again, synchronization of the Temporal 3 and Temporal 4 audio outputs can be programmed for the horns through the fire alarm control panel.

When using the 5820XL-EVS in applications where Temporal 4 is required for the speaker tone, a Temporal 4 or a Temporal 4 with the 520 Hz low frequency tone can be programmed for the speaker output. Synchronization cannot be accomplished through the speaker output.



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