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We are excited about the recent release of the Silent Knight model EVS-INT50W internal amplifier.  This new amplifier has the unique feature of being mounted and housed in the 5820XL-EVS cabinet, thus saving valuable wall space where installation area of accessory devices is constricted.  In turn, this saves time and money by eliminating accessory mounting and wiring. Register to attend an upcoming webinar on the 5820XL-EVS, its new internal ampinternal amplifier and other components of this system.

The EVS-INT50W is a 50 watt amplifier that provides one Class A or Class B speaker circuit.  Wiring is a total of 6 conductors – 2 for the A and B SBUS data terminals, 2 for the 24 VDC constant auxiliary power, and 2 for the VBUS.  Notice that the amplifier is not powered by AC and backup batteries, which saves the expense of an electrician running another AC circuit and additional battery costs.  The 24 VDC constant power is obtained from one of the Flexput™ circuits on the 5820XL-EVS programmed as constant auxiliary power.

After the amplifier is addressed with the dipswitches and wired to the panel, it can be added to the panel configuration and activated as required using the same methods as other outputs on the panel.  In addition, the EVS-INT50W can be programmed to provide the 520 Hz low frequency output as required in sleeping areas.

Ideal for smaller applications such as day care centers and places of assembly, or used in conjunction with the distributed amplifiers for larger installations, the EVS-INT50W is another tool in your tool belt to win jobs.

Click here to download the EVS-INT50W sell sheet.

About the Author
Mark Indgjer is a Product Marketing Manager with Silent Knight.  Mark joined Silent Knight in 1988 and is responsible for new product development, product marketing and much more.  Mark is also NICET Level II certified.​


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