How To Program Alarm Verification in the IntelliKnight Panels

Alarm Verification is a useful feature used in aiding the reduction of false alarms related to smoke detectors .

The 2013 edition of NFPA 72 defines Alarm Verification as ”A feature of automatic fire detection detectorand alarm systems to reduce unwanted alarms wherein smoke detectors report alarm conditions for a minimum period of time, or confirm alarm conditions within a given time period after being reset, in order to be accepted as a valid alarm initiation signal.

When a detector enters alarm verification in the Silent Knight IntelliKnight series of panels, a countdown timer begins. If a second condition is detected after the countdown, the panel will alarm. If a second condition is not detected after the countdown, the panel remains in normal condition.

To program this feature in the SKSS up/download software, open your account file and click on the General Parameters tab . The middle column just below System Aux 2 allows you enter the alarm verification time in seconds. The default is 60 seconds, which is the code requirement, however the programmable time can be from 1 to 250 seconds. The next step is to define the zone the detector is assigned to as an Alarm Verification zone type. This is accomplished in the Input Zones tab. In the Input Zones Characteristics section highlight the cell under the Dect.Char column that needs to be selected as Alarm Verification. The default selection is 1 Cnt. Right mouse click and select Alarm Verification. Any addressable detector in that zone will now operate as Alarm Verification.

It should be noted that Alarm Verification is only effective for detectors. Contact devices such as pulls stations, waterflow devices, supervisory switches, etc. are one count and will place the panel into an event when activated. Also, the alarm verification sequence is ignored if the zone is already in alarm. If a second detector, pull station or water flow goes into an alarm it will override the alarm verification and activate a general alarm.


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