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Silent Knight Tech-Ed Training in 2016

Welcome to 2016! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. We are happy to announce that schedule for the first half of 2016 is now available on our website at www.silentknight.com. Once on our website, click on Training and select Schedule.

Tech-Ed Knight School is our popular instructor-led training course. This comprehensive course is designed for technicians who work on Silent Knight IntelliKnight® fire systems. The 3-day class will introduce technicians to system installation, SLC devices, emergency communication systems ECS, programming, and troubleshooting using the SKSS Software Suite. Hands-on exercises will solidify the learning experience. It is very important to mention that all attendees will receive continuing education credits (CEUs) for participating along with proof of course completion.

The Tech-Ed Knight School course covers:

  • 5600 FACP
  • Integrating CO and Emergency Communication Systems into Fire Alarm Systems
  • Silent Knight Selection Tool (SKST)
  • Installation of Addressable FACP
  • Understanding the Benefits of Addressable Technology
  • Signaling Line Circuit for SK Series Device
  • Programming and troubleshooting
  • Silent Knight Software Suite (SKSS)
  • Upload Event History and Detector Status
  • Wiring and hands-on exercises of Emergency Communication System
  • Hands-on SKSS programming exercises

Having conducted many courses, I can tell you that the value of these 3 days is immense and well worth your time. If you haven’t attended a Silent Knight training course, please consider doing so. If you have attended a training course, please refer it to someone you know and consider attending again.

Did you know that Silent Knight offers custom training? Please contact the Silent Knight training department for further details on how you can conduct a course at your office or location. Click here to view the latest training schedule.


About the Author
Brian Brownell joined Silent Knight as a Technical Trainer in 2011 and has worked within the fire alarm industry for 30 years.​

Why Training is a Must in the Fire Alarm Industry

As a trainer for Silent Knight, I know how important training is in this business. I also appreciate how essential it is to keep pace with product updates, product releases, and trends in the fire alarm and life safety industry.

Our responsibility is to ensure that people who attend Silent Knight training classes receive the best learning experience as possible. Our training department works closely with Engineering and Product Management to guarantee that our training modules and product demonstration equipment are current. We check equipment after each training session to confirm everything is in working order, and we also communicate with each other to find out what went well and how the experience could improve.

fire-alarm-industry-trainingA key function of a trainer in the fire alarm business is to follow the industry. Training classes are Silent Knight product-specific, but topics such as code, industry products, and trends are prevalent throughout our sessions to provide well-rounded classes. Over the years it has been proven that one of the best resources for industry information is you, the class participant. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in every training session we conduct, which is why you will find substantial class participation. This is what takes our training to the next level. In fact, it is not uncommon for a trainer/trainee working relationship to form beyond the training class.

Product training is critical in our line of business because the ultimate goal is life safety. Preparing and offering training is a responsibility we take seriously because understanding code and requirements, using the right equipment, and knowing how to install it ensures optimal solutions to save lives.

Let us know your thoughts on training by clicking on the Leave a Reply link above to enter your request. Click here to visit the Silent Knight training page.


About the Author
Brian Brownell joined Silent Knight as a Technical Trainer in 2011 and has worked within the fire alarm industry for 30 years.​