Tech Tip: EVS-INT50W Power Wiring

The EVS-INT50W is an amplifier that offers a single speaker circuit capable of supporting up to 50 watts of power and is compatible with version 15 of the 5820XL-EVS. Although it is similar to the distributed 50, 100, and 125 watt amplifiers, there are subtle differences.

One of the first things you will notice is that the EVS-INT50W does not come with an enclosure. The reason for this — and why it is described as an internal amplifier — is that it mounts in the 5820XL-EVS cabinet. No external cabinet or hardware is required: this provides the benefit of saving valuable wall space as well as installation time and money.

The other difference you will see is that there is no primary AC and battery backup. The EVS-INT50W is powered by the 5820XL-EVS panel. This is where it can get tricky. To power this amplifier, one of the 6 Flexputâ„¢ circuits on the 5820XL-EVS will be programmed for Constant Auxiliary Power and run to the power input on the EVS-INT50W. The SBUS connection, which is normally 4 conductors, will be 2 conductors for the A and B data connections. Do not use the SBUS power (- and +) to power the amplifier. The amplifier draws close to 3 amps in full load. SBUS power only supplies up to 1 amp. Be sure to account for the power draw in your 5820XL-EVS battery calculations.


The internal amplifier is an addressable device, so be sure to set the dipswitches on the unit before powering it up. Also ensure that the panel is programmed to look for the address you set on the amplifier. After this, all options are programmable, such as mapping the speaker output for proper activation, 25 or 70.7 Vrms operation, Class A or Class B speaker wiring, and 520 Hz low frequency output.

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